Health and Hygiene

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  • Panthera Gloves


    the best Black latex glove on the market

  • Tattoo Film


    Simply use this sparingly as a little goes along way.

    This is an aftercare product which you apply to a fresh tattoo.

  • Stencil Premium


    Quite possibly the best stencil product on the market.

  • Stencil Eraser


    This is a Paraben and Sulphate free stencil removing solution.

  • Butterluxe Soothe


    Butterluxe is a soothing spray which will aide your clients tattoo experience.

  • BUTTERLUXE Process Butter


    Superior process butter.

  • Green Soap


    Paraben and sulphate free.

  • Cleaning Brushes


    cleaning brushes pack of 5

  • Butterluxe Studio Retail Pack


    Organic before, during and after care to keep your tattoo’s looking fresh

  • Reveal


    Perfect for those foamy tattoo reveals.

  • Wash Bottles


    wash bottles , 250ml and 500 ml

  • Wash Bottle Bags


    wash bottle bagsĀ 152 x 254mm